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How NRK use React, Dapt and Webpack 2.0

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Hello Reactors!

Easter meetup is coming…be ready! 🚀 🚀

This meetup, we are talking about how NRK use React in production, a new startup helping to create websites with ease and Webpack 2.0
Don’t miss it!Let's introduce our speakers:

1) React at NRK

Sven will talk about how they use React at NRK, and show examples of how we use it.

Bio: Sven Anders Robbestad

Sven is a web developer, speaker and author from Norway who has worked on web related tech since the early 90s. He loves talking about programming and engaging with fellow developers. He is married, has two children and two cats.

2) Dapt: Creating websites with ease

Dapt is an advanced WYSIWYG editor for creating websites, making it easy to create and publish interactive articles and landing pages.
Nicolay will give an introduction of Dapt, to show what it can do, and present the challenges of creating an advanced WYSIWYG using React.

Bio: Nicolay Thafvelin
Nicolay is a fullstack developer and the brains behind the Dapt editor. He converted from Angular to React for less than a year ago when he started the work on Dapt. He previously worked with developing WYSIWYG editors in angular.

3) Webpack 2.0

Webpack is infamous for having poor documentation. We took steps towards remedying that with the webpack 2 milestone release. In this short talk I'll discuss the technology and the process behind the change.

Bio: Juho Vepsäläinen

Juho is behind the SurviveJS effort and he is a core member of webpack. In addition to Reactabular, a table library, he has been active in the open source scene for a decade and his past includes projects like Blender.

We will open at 17.30 and our talks will start at 18:00!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Because of the nature of the venue and the limited space we *will* be taking attendance for this event. Please only RSVP yes if you're actually coming.

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