• Reactjs at Zumper

    49 Geary St

    Join us for a night of react at Zumper! 6:30 - 7pm: noms and mingles 7pm - 7:30: @heygrady - React at Zumper 7:30 - 8pm: @shrutikapoor08 - GraphQL State Management with React Hooks If you're interested in speaking at any future reactjs meetup please email your proposal to [masked]

  • Reactjs at Crux Informatics

    201 California St

    Please join us for a night of React at Crux! MC/Host: @wisecobbler 6:30 - 7pm: noms and mingles 7pm: Ashu Sikri - A brief intro to Crux 7:05pm - 7:30: Valerie Ernst - Using React DevTools to Prevent Unnecessary Rerenders 7:30 - 8pm: @giltayar - Visually Testing your Responsive React App with Storybook and Cypress 8pm - 8:30: @stillconor - Use Reducer With Side Effects If you're interested in speaking at a future reactjs meetup please email your proposal to [masked]

  • Reactjs at Instacart!


    Join us for a night of learning about React hosted by Instacart! Hostess/MC - @wisecobbler 6:30 - 7pm: noms and mingles 7pm - 7:30: @Will_Faurot - React at Instacart 7:30 - 8pm: @ste00martin - Production ready React Native Navigation and Deep Linking 8pm - 8:30: @mapotato - CSS in the Age of React: How We Traded the Cascade for Consistency There will be no bike parking available for this event. If you are interested in speaking in a future meetup about react, let me know by emailing me at [masked]

  • Reactjs at Upgrade!

    275 Battery St

    Join us for a night of pizza and React, sponsored by Upgrade! 6:30 - 6:55: noms and mingles 6:55 -7pm: a word from Upgrade 7pm - 7:30: @RandallKanna - Getting Started with React and Blockchain 7:30 - 8pm: @alansouzati - Why Grommet? 8pm - 8:30: @necolinehubner - Refugee Aid and React: How they fit together Bike parking will not be available for this event.

  • ReactJs at NerdWallet!

    875 Stevenson St

    NerdWallet is opening the doors of their San Francisco office space to invite in the SF React community for a night of knowledge share and React! 6:30 - 7pm: noms and mingles 7pm - 7:30: Evan Borgstrom- React & GraphQL at NerdWallet 7:30 - 8pm: @stubailo - React & GraphQL at Stripe 8pm - 8:30: @higgyCodes - Chaos Engineering and React

  • Reactjs at postmates!

    201 3rd St

    Please join us for a night of React sponsored by Postmates! Postmates will be taking attendance at the door, so you must RSVP with your first and last name which I will be providing to Postmates security to check you in. I will not be sharing any other of your contact information with Postmates. In the days leading up to the event, if i see you are not registered with a first and last name, I will move you over to "no." 6pm - 7pm: Guest checkin & NDA signing, mingling, eating & drinking 7pm - 7:30: @anmolm_ - React at Postmates 7:30 - 8pm: @devongovett - React with Parcel 8pm - 8:30: @jamiebuild - The Cost of Transpiling

  • ReactJs at Autodesk!

    Autodesk Gallery at One Market

    We're starting off 2019 with a bang and Autodesk is graciously hosting our first ReactJs meetup for the year, and right after the hooks release no less! We'll start with some lightening talks and finish with some exciting demos and tips from the creator of Gatsby which I am super excited about. If you're feeling up for it, after Kyle's talk, stick around to talk to the sponsors, because Autodesk will have some career advisors standing by to tell you about career opportunities. 6:30 - 7pm: Noms and mingles 7pm - 7:10: @code4good - Welcome to Autodesk 7:10 - 7:20: @danielgefen - Patterns in React Everyone Should Know 7:20 - 7:30: @dammangum - What are React Portals and Why Should I Build One? 7:30 - 8pm: @dcocchia - Scaling CSS in JS with React at Instacart! 8pm - 8:30: @kylematthews - Gatsby!

  • Reactjs at Amplitude!


    Host/Mc: @wisecobbler 6:30 - 7pm: noms and mingles 7pm - 7:30: @ryanashcraft - Reactjs use at Amplitude 7:30 - 8pm: @swyx - React's New Defaults 8pm - 8:30: @JonathanAbrams - SpaceAce: Front-End State Simplified

  • Reactjs at App Academy sponsored by OmniSci (formerly MapD)

    Help us welcome OmniSci's new brand with a night of learning how other teams and companies are using ReactJs in new and interesting ways 6:30 - 7pm: noms and mingles 7pm - 7:30: Jonathan and Justin - React at OmniSci 7:30 - 8pm: @moog16 - Material Components for React 8pm - 8:30: @ksjogo - Using React and WebGL to help archaeologists Bike parking is available across the street.

  • React JS at Element

    Element Analytics

    Join us for some fun and React things at Element! 6:30 - 7pm: noms and mingles 7pm - 7:30: George - Reusable patterns in React 7:30 - 8pm: @eveporcello - Data Fetching with GraphQL, Apollo, & React 8pm - 8:30: @chloecondon - Logging, and Errors, and Metrics- Oh My!