Level Up Your Components: Modular, Reusable & Maintainable

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Come for a deep dive into Level Up Your Components: Modular, Reusable & Maintainable on August 21st. This event is all about networking, catching up on hi-tech, and lots of fun! Don't forget craft beer & local food.

Level Up Your Components: Modular, Reusable & Maintainable

React made it easy to create components, yet it is hard for many of us to create well defined, easy to use components that have the right level of abstraction. It is even harder to create a component library that is consistent and delightful for developers and end-users.

In this talk, we will cover some new perspectives we have learned about component development at Montage Talent, how to define boundaries, how to choose the right level of abstractions, atomic design principles, tips and tricks in bundling and distributing libraries and finally how to document and showcase your documents.

5:00 - Doors open
5:00 -5:45 Networking
5:45 - Writing Reusable Components - Senthil
6:30- Questions & Meet your neighbor!

Meet our Speaker!

My name is Senthil Ramachandran. I am a programmer, teacher, avid reader, and lifelong learner. I love learning different programming languages. I have been working at Montage Talent for more than 5 years. I have learned more at Montage than my whole career as a programmer.

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