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The ReactNYC meetup is a group for React and React Native developers in NYC.
We meet at least once a month to listen to 3-4 presentations, share, learn, connect with other engineers, and have fun!
We also organize Master Classes which are 2-hour sessions of lecture and live-coding.

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We expect all speakers and attendees to follow our Code of Conduct (https://reactweek.nyc/code/)

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[MasterClass] Redux Toolkit with TypeScript - A deep dive

💸 We are charging $15 to ensure attendance. No refunds. 🔗 REGISTER HERE: https://fht.nyc/2vyd9Ke During this two hour session, we will cover Redux Toolkit with TypeScript. We will go beyond the basics and learn patterns and techniques for challenging use-cases. All based on real-world experience. Target audience This MasterClass is aimed at Frontend developers who knows React, and familiar with TypeScript. Prepare questions and use-cases, There will be time to ask and get answers. What to Expect: - Lecture - Live coding - Get answers - Have a good time 🗣 Your instructor: Nir Kaufman Principal front-end architect and consultant at 500Tech, Google Developer Expert (GDE) in web technologies, international speaker and teacher. Nir has trained hundreds of development teams around the world from leading companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Dell, Phillips, Siemens, and HP, to name a few. Learn more about 500Tech on our website: https://500tech.com 🔗 REGISTER HERE: https://fht.nyc/2vyd9Ke

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Context API 🎤Ivditi Gabeskiria https://www.linkedin.com/in/jgabeskiria/ In the talk, I will explain how to use React's Context API which allows developers to manage global application states, demo an example and compare its pros and cons to that of Redux. Also wondering how long should the time be. Managing side effects with Observables 🎤Francisco Leal https://www.linkedin.com/in/jgabeskiria/ The observable pattern makes it easier to create and maintain asynchronous logic. In this talk, we'll explore Observables through the reactive programming Library RxJS and how we can leverage it in hooks and state management solutions Principles of war 🎤 Sergeant JSX https://www.linkedin.com/in/nirkaufman/ The Sergeant will teach you how to apply software design principles that will help you survive in the modern front-end battlefield.

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[MasterClass] Practical TypeScript (Advanced)

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