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Hey, welcome to ReactNYC! We are going to have an epic kick-off event that you won't forget. Join this opening party and bring your friends (they should RSVP!)

Of course you should follow us on twitter as well (because having less than 70 followers is embarrassing): @NYCReact (

Full description and the venue will be revealed this week, but here's a glimpse to what awaits you:

How to build Westworld (with React)

Ken Wheeler (

Many of us have seen the screencap from Westworld that reveals they use React. This talk will explore, theoretically, how this could be done.

Lightning Talk: Using React in Firefox Devtools

Jaideep Bhoosreddy (

Browsers generally develop their front-end in JavaScript, but how different is it from normal web development that we are all used to? With React, not that different... as we'll see. This talk focuses on how easy it can be to hack on the Firefox Debugger if you know React.

Lightning Talk: Enforcing Function Call Arity in Flow
Gabe Levi (

Gabe Levi is considering making Flow complain when you call a function with more arguments than it expects. Listen to him make his case and then tell him how wrong he is!

How React Works
Boris Dinkevich (

Learn how React really works under the hood. What is the Virtual DOM and is the DOM really slow?

Interactive React Quiz

Do you think you know React? You'll have a chance to prove it. Oh, and also win some prizes.

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