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ReactNYC Meetup #3

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Ilya G. and 3 others


This time we'll meet at a smaller, yet cool venue before doing two huge events at large spaces. The event would be fun and fruitful nonetheless! As you requested, we'll also host the first (out of many) talk on React Native. Come with a lot of energy!

Looking for more front-end stuff in NYC? Check out NYC.JS.ORG!
Also here is our twitter: @NYCReact ( You know what to do!

Lightning Talk: Kotlin and React Native
Alexey Kureev (

Kotlin has recently become a first class language for Android development, in this talk I'll explain how this will affect the React Native ecosystem and how developers can benefit from it.

React Native for Web Developers
Kevin Scott (

This talk will cover the major differences between developing on the web and on mobile - including push notifications, animations, navigation and more - and how the tools and libraries you already use on the web can be translated to iOS and Android.

Write Once, Render Anywhere!
Peggy Rayzis (

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could write a React component once and render it in web, native, and even VR applications without changing a single line of code? Thanks to several libraries that bring React Native's primitives and APIs to the web, now you can! This talk will provide a comparison of three libraries that allow you to develop cross-platform components: React Native Web (, React Primitives (, and ReactXP ( You'll also learn how to architect your shared component base to achieve maximum reuse across platforms.

Concerning CSS-in-JS
Kent C. Dodds (

I no longer care about: specificity, CSS linters, CSS preprocessors, vendor prefixing, removing unused CSS, finding CSS dependencies and dependents. I now care more about: whether it’s fast enough, whether it’s small enough, whether it’s familiar enough. These are some of my trade-offs. Because I use CSS-in-JS. Let’s tell stories, talk use-cases, explore trade-offs, and inspire more innovation to make the CSS-in-JS trade-offs less trade-offy.


Fiverr uses an innovative stack that harness React/Redux, ES6, Webpack, Babel and NPM to elevate its marketplace to the next generation of front end engineering. We invite you to hear more about our migration to these tools, our dev culture and open positions after the talks! Apply online at or reach out to Rotem at

At MLS we’re all about providing first class user experiences to soccer fans around the world. We’re pretty big fans of React and other great modern tools that help us build those experiences and we’re looking for someone to join our mobile team to help build our brand new React Native mobile experience. If this sounds like an interesting challenge or if you just want to talk React, we would love to hear from you! You can find us after the talks or you can apply at ( or reach out to Kurt at .


Check out our code of conduct ( and don't hesitate to send us a message if you had an unpleasant experience at our meetup.

32 Avenue of the Americas · New York, NY
35 spots left