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Woohoo, we are celebrating our first major milestone – 1,000 members! And we have a huge venue, for 300 people. So don't be shy to invite your friends to the most cool React show in town. This time we'll touch some very important topic – performance, and will celebrate our milestone with a fun quiz and a cool prize!

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Full-Stack Type Safety with a Monorepo and Typescript
Jamie Davidson (

Typescript is awesome! Monorepos, while initially scary on the surface, are also awesome! Together, they can create an efficient, type-safe environment that eliminates common issues that plague many Javascript apps. In this talk, we'll go over clever ways to have your front & back-ends use the same interfaces to guarantee both are talking the same language. We'll also see how to use those same interfaces to guarantee type safety of your Redux store, no matter how massive it gets!

Tracking Page Speed
Sergey Chernyshev (

Over the years, multitude of metrics were developed, from Time To First Byte and Page Load Time all the way to more modern and sophisticated ones like Time to First Paint, ATF, Speed Index and Frames per Second. One challenge with current performance metrics is that they all are proxies for user experience and do not translate directly into user satisfaction and business gains, but with each new metric we are getting closer to measuring what matters. Sergey will talk about pros and cons of technical metrics historically used to monitor performance, describe two core methods or measurement/monitoring (synthetic and RUM) and introduce latest developments in tracking user-centric metrics.

React Albus: Journey to a Reusable Component
Jack Cross ( and Nathan Force (

When we set out to create a reusable multi-step component, we didn't realize how much we had to learn. In this talk we'll take you through how we iterated on our component design and lessons we learned along the way.

Website Optimization With React
Ava Shaw (

An overview of performance standards, and modern tools & practices which create a better user experience in a React single page app.

And... React Quiz with a very nice prize!


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At MLS we’re all about providing first class user experiences to soccer fans around the world. We’re pretty big fans of React and other great modern tools that help us build those experiences and we’re looking for someone to join our mobile team to help build our brand new React Native mobile experience. If this sounds like an interesting challenge or if you just want to talk React, we would love to hear from you! You can find us after the talks or you can apply at or reach out to Kurt at [masked] .


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