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React NYC
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This meetup is aimed for designers that work with React developers and want to have an understanding of it's possibilities and what they can do with React by themselves without the need in developers. Sounds interesting?

The State of Design Tooling and React
Brent Jackson

React has dramatically changed the way front-end developers build modern web applications, but many design tools are still based around proprietary image formats and have yet to embrace this new paradigm of functional UI composition. We'll look at the current landscape of tools that are starting to bridge the gap between front end development and design, and where things are headed in the future.

Styles in React, Without Tears
Jared Palmer

Want to make that little todo app more spiffy? Add a few lines of CSS. Want to build a custom design-system and component library for 30+ view webapp? In this talk, we're going on a quest for scalable styles. We'll learn about how and why components and cascades don't mix, why CSS-in-JS is the future, and explore existing solutions like Glamor, Styled Components, and JSXStyle.


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