[$10 Workshop] Real-world Redux Patterns

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⚠️ Advanced Master Class ⚠️


Redux is a modern, lean, front-end library for state management based on good old messaging design patterns being used on the server side for many years. By choosing it as your state management solution, you have to change your state of mind and start programming with events. Through this workshop, we will learn practical advanced patterns and techniques for solving real-world state management problems using Redux and supporting libraries.

💸 This workshop is a shortened version of a larger advanced full-day hands-on training we do for teams. The number of seats is limited and we are charging $10 to ensure attendance. No refunds.

🚨 This workshop is aimed at people with practical experience with Redux or plans to incorporate it as part of their front-end stack. No prior React knowledge is required. It's not a hands-on workshop, but you can bring your laptop if you'd like to follow along with the lecture.

🗣 About The Instructor
Nir Kaufman is a principal consultant and front-end architect at 500Tech with over ten years of experience in front-end development. He is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in web technologies and worked with dozens of companies from startups to large companies such as Intel, HP, Microsoft, Phillips, Siemens, and many more.

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