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⚠️ Advanced Hands-on Workshop ⚠️


Learn how to apply advanced real-world design patterns and techniques to tackle complex state management challenges with Redux and supporting libraries. Gain practical technical skills that you can apply to your current or next project right away.

This workshop is framework-agnostic and aimed at senior front-end developers and tech leads working with redux or considering adopting it for their next project.

‼️ Notes
This is a private exclusive workshop limited to 10 people upon pre-approval. The price ($150) includes snacks and beverages throughout the day. Advanced topics only, basics are not covered. No refunds.

📚 Covered topics
‣ CQS and event-based programming model
‣ Folder structure and naming conventions
‣ Different types of actions
‣ Action routing and transformation patterns
‣ State structuring and data flow planning
‣ Approaches to action creators
‣ Core and features middleware
‣ State optimization
‣ Server communication
‣ Selectors in depth
‣ Store enhancers
‣ Higher-order reducers

Bring your laptop with the latest node, npm, and git pre-installed. JavaScript knowledge is required. Instructions and starter project will be sent to attendees in advance.

🗣 Your instructor: Nir Kaufman
Principal front-end consultant at 500Tech and Google Developer Expert of web technologies. For the past five years, Nir had trained hundreds of development teams around the world from leading companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Dell, Phillips, Siemens, and HP, just to name a few. Nir was also selected as the trainer of the year for 2017 in Europe.

💡 All attendees will receive a free “Thinking in Redux” book, exclusive action processing cheat sheet, and a free hour of on-site Redux/ngrx consulting (for companies in Manhattan).