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React Virtualized: What, Why and How?
🎤 Mike Seid

When building data intensive applications, a simple large list can crash chrome. Using the browser virtualization method, we can make components that efficiently render large lists and tabular data by only actually rendering elements that are present in the viewing window. React Virtualized is a fantastic library that makes browser virtualization easy and "reacty". We will go over what the virtualization method is, why you would use it and how to use React Virtualized.

Orchestrating React apps and back-ends in a development environment
🎤David Roeca

This talk will highlight some patterns to help the development environment mirror the production environment by using containers and a reverse proxy image to manage local traffic on a single localhost port. In order to maintain a usable and flexible development environment, this talk will also highlight how to incorporate webpack 4, webpack-serve, and hot module replacement in this environment.

Demystify compound components - Survival Guide
🎤 Nir Kaufman

Building a reusable component while keeping a clean and declarative API, is not an easy task. Your life may depend on it.
In this session, you will learn how the compound component saved Sergeant JSX life during the war.