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Consistent UX at Scale: Creating a Component Library
🎤 Haldun Anıl

In this talk, we'll talk about how tools like Productboard, Figma, Storybook.js, Sonatype Nexus, and a few homegrown scripts can help you standardize UX across applications while sparing your app developers the need from ever having to see CSS again!

State of the art React development flow with TypeScript
🎤Matheus Albuquerque

In this talk, we'll follow a few recipes on how to use React (and part of its ecosystem, like Redux) in a functional way with TypeScript to make your code completely type-safe according to our new declare once, infer everywhere™ philosophy.

D3 + React
🎤Michael Garrigan

At the heart of everything we build is data. And when we want that data to look pretty we reach for D3.js. But putting D3 into React Components can get weird and frustrating. We will talk patterns, D3 internals and who gets control.

Blazing fast react
🎤Ken Wheeler

This talk will explore how to identify and solve react runtime performance issues, and introduce patterns for making your apps BLAZING fast

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