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1359 Broadway · New York, NY

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Use Mirage JS to build a network-ready React app, without the network
🎤Sam Selikoff

Mirage JS is an API mocking library that lets you build, test and share a complete working JavaScript application without having to rely on any backend services. In this talk, we'll build a React app complete with real network code that's ready to talk to a production API server.

Native browser local notifications API
🎤Jordan Cooperman

The browser offers powerful APIs that can be easily leveraged. One of those APIs, the Notifications API, allows you to present a user with notifications even when the user isn't using your site. We'll walk through how to use the native notifications API, and how it can work with React.

Observability for the Frontend
🎤Ryan Lynch

Observability reveals an application’s state through data collected from its operations. The conversation around observability is usually geared towards the backend components of distributed systems. If we turn that lens to the frontend, what can we reveal about the operation of our React components?

Coding with Uncle State
🎤Uncle State

Join your favorite Uncle for a coding session!
You will learn how to leverage tools, libraries, patterns, and techniques for productivity and clean code.
In the process, We will also learn about life, love, organic cornfields, and falk music.

Want to speak at ReactNYC? email [masked]