What we're about

Welcome to the ReactTO Meetup hosted by Rangle.io. Join the group, attend the meetups and starting learning, teaching and making things that matter with React.

React is an open-source JavaScript framework for front-end development created and maintained by Facebook. It's loved for combining the speed of JavaScript with a new way of rendering web pages, making them highly dynamic and responsive to user input. Not only is React scalable and simple, but it also provides a better user experience and helps developers work faster.

Rangle.io is a digital transformation consultancy based in Toronto. Starting out as JavaScript experts, we do more than plan, design, and build innovative web apps. We're your partners in innovation.

Watch previous React meetup talks at youtube.com/rangleio (https://www.youtube.com/rangleio/). Join our group, follow us on Twitter @rangleio, and tweet insights using the #ReactTO hashtag!

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