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Reintroducing Relay Modern
by Denis Badurina (

Coding session

Instead of multiple talks, we are going to from groups and mob/pair-program on open source projects.

Projects to work on
- React DOM /w Philipp Spiess (React DOM team)
- new ReasonReact UI Library /w Nik Graf (link coming soon …)
- Type driven redesign of the antwar static site generator with Reason, @bebraw and @ryyppy (
- styled-jsx - Babel plugins development and CSS in JS /w Giuseppe Gurgone
- bring your own … (let us know upfront so we an promote it here)


## Die Socialisten

Vienna’s leading social software company, “Die Socialisten” are focusing on the design & implementation of apps and marketing solutions on social media platforms since 2010. One of our SaaS-products, the social media management tool, is currently developed by a team of 5 software engineers (4 backend, 1 frontend). For this team, we are looking for a full-time Frontend Web Developer (m/f) with excellent knowledge of modern JS.

If you find joy in pushing forward, deleting old code and riding on the cutting-edge of modern web-app development, this job is for you! Our stack contains a lot of React.js code which is partly written in TypeScript. Besides that, we're embracing GraphQL/mobX/Jest/styled-components. Successful deploys are celebrated with Music und Punschkrapferl. Diversity welcome 😻

## Toptal

Toptal is a professional network connecting the world’s top talent with leading global companies. Currently there are many opportunities to work on interesting React and React Native projects with clients in Europe and beyond. To our network we provide multiple professional development opportunities from the Toptal Academy (including React and React Native), a Speakers Network, and much more.

## Trigo

We are looking for an experienced frontend developer to join our development team. You should be into

- react
- redux
- styled-components. this includes css know-how ;)
- webpack/eslint/prettier
and familiar with node.js too as we build our backends with it.

If this looks appealing to you reach out to me via email ([masked]) or twitter @kelkes (

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