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Building tools for GraphQL
by Glenn Reyes (

Reason and GraphQL
by Nik Graf (

Coding session

After the talks we are going to from groups and mob/pair-program on open source projects.

Projects to work on
- react-dropzone (

- new ReasonReact UI Library (link coming soon …)

- Build integration test infrastructure for genType

genType is a tool which allows us to use Reason in TypeScript / Flow / vanilla JavaScript codebases without writing tricky bindings / boilerplate. It's a natively compiled binary which parses Reason code for specific annotations and generates a new .ts / .js file out of it. We still don't have proper integration test infrastructure, so I wanted to start things off by experimenting a bit. This is a good opportunity to get involved early in a future BuckleScript feature. For details see:

- bring your own … (let us know upfront so we an promote it here)


## Domonda

DOMONDA, mobile accounting service for freelancers

DOMONDA builds a disruptive mobile first accounting app that covers all regulatory requirements (bookkeeping, sales tax reports, annual financial statement, tax returns) specifically for freelancers. We believe that the service will be a game changer and will help freelancers gain financial transparency in an easy, modern and real-time manner. It's our ambition to become the first vertically integrated accounting service with a great mobile experience for freelancers. Think of N26 for accounting.

DOMONDA is hiring:

• Preferably full stack,
• Seniority is welcome, but we mainly hire for talent and potential, so ambitious Juniors welcome too
• Go knowledge a plus, React a must :-)
• Our tech stack: React, Go, GraphQL, Postgres
• What we believe in and support / sponsor:
- Personal development, becoming the best version of yourself
- Being effective over being efficient
- Happiness as the new productivity
- Asshole free workplace

• Our values:
- Empowerment, no micro managing
- Knowledge, curiosity and Innovation
- Results over show

• Nice extras:
- Brand new 1.000m2 loft office with view over Vienna
- Gym, basketball, table tennis, hockey in the office
- Playstation
- Monday team breakfast
- Everything that helps us build a great company with great culture and great people

Contact: [masked]

## Trigo

We are looking for an experienced frontend developer to join our development team. You should be into

- react
- redux
- styled-components. this includes css know-how ;)
- webpack/eslint/prettier
and familiar with node.js too as we build our backends with it.

If this looks appealing to you reach out to me via email ([masked]) or twitter @kelkes (

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