Reactadelphia | August Meetup

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Guru Technologies, Inc.

121 S Broad St 11th floor · Philadelphia, PA

How to find us

After entering the building, sign in with security and head up to the 10th floor.

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This August we are extremely excited to begin hosting some remote speakers @ Reactadelphia!

Speaker: Nader Dabit | 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM (Remote)

Title: Curious Cases of GraphQL

Description: As GraphQL moves into the mainstream, the tooling & ecosystem has grown and has made it possible to do much more with GraphQL than using it as just a data layer. In this talk, I'll show how developers are using GraphQL as an API gateway to accomplish things that you may have never thought possible.

Bio: Web & mobile developer, author, speaker, and futurist

Speaker: Jason Lengstorf | 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM (Remote)

Title: Build Your First Portfolio Site With Gatsby

Description: Showcasing your work on the internet is often the first impression you’ll make when applying for jobs, attracting clients, or growing your network. It’s extremely important that your site makes a good first impression. But who has the time to build a stand-out portfolio?, , In this session, you’ll learn how you can create a high-performance portfolio site in minutes using Gatsby. Source your content from local files or a headless CMS and get something published fast so your site makes a great first impression — without spending weeks building it.

Bio: Jason Lengstorf is a developer advocate, senior engineer, and occasional designer at Gatsby. He’s an advocate for building highly productive teams through better communication, well designed systems and processes, and healthy work-life balance, and he blogs about that sometimes. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Speaker: Andrew Sprouse | 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Title: Painless forms with Redux, JSON Schema and ShapeForm

Description: Forms are a never-ending source of frustration and confusion for developers. There are plenty of solutions, but how do you choose which one is right for you? Is your app so unique that you should to roll your own? What do you do if your whole application is just a collection of user-defined forms? This talk outlines how the dev team at TakeShape arrived at their solution ShapeForm.

Bio: Andrew is Co-founder and CTO of TakeShape, a platform for developers building on the JAMstack.

Musical Artist: TBD

As usual, we will be streaming the event over on our Twitch Join the chat and ask you questions, one of our mods will speak up during the Q&A!

Food and drink will be provided. This will be a monthly recurring event, the third Tuesday of each month, so tell your friends and come dive deeper into the React ecosystem with us!

** If you (or your company) are using React and are interested in having talent from your team come out to speak, please drop us a line at [masked] **