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Reactive, Fast Data & Kubernetes

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Kubernetes seems to have no competition anymore. How does it work with Reactive Systems and Fast Data? This is the question that we will reason about tonight. This meetup is kindly sponsored by the folks at Xebia!

17:30 doors open, pizza & drinks
18:15: intro
18:30: Adam Sandor & Fabio Tiriticco, Elasticity with Akka Cluster & Kubernetes
19:00: break
19:15: Roman Ivanov, Fast Data at XITE - RELOADED
20:00: further drinks until PoisonPill

Talk #1: Adam Sandor & Fabio Tiriticco, Elasticity with Akka Cluster & Kubernetes

Akka is the most mature choice to implement the traits of the Reactive Manifesto, thanks to the Actor model. Resilience is enabled by asynchronous message passing and Actor supervision. Location transparency, message routing and the “share nothing” approach enable seamless scalability, but once our app is deployed we need to rely on some external infrastructure to automatically scale up or down our services. At this point, Akka alone is not sufficient anymore. What else do we need? I found Docker & Kubernetes to be a perfect match for clustered Akka applications running in the cloud. Thanks to the Kubernetes API, one can write infrastructure logic that complements the business logic. This leads to a general approach of infrastructure-as-code tailored to each different business case, which in turn lets companies achieve maximum efficiency and resource usage.

Talk #2: Roman Ivanov, Fast Data at XITE - RELOADED

XITE ( has worked hard to embrace Fast Data and the power of streaming, where information is processed as soon as it becomes available. This talk is the follow up to a talk already given at this meetup, where we will give a look at the recent evolutions & findings, including the adoption of Kubernetes to sustain the entire platform.