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Calling all Functional Programmers in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida to be part of this group. We focus on the new way of writing software with Scala, Akka, Clojure, Erlang or Haskell and implementing Big Data Solutions with the Spark Ecosystem

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Demystifying transfer learning with Tensorflow

Knoldus Inc.

PLEASE DO NOT RSVP ON THIS MEETUP PAGE. PLEASE REGISTER AT https://bit.ly/33CBy0e INSTEAD. REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY TO ATTEND THE WEBINAR. In the early days of AI, a common problem was the lack of general intelligence. Models could be built to do things like play checkers, but the knowledge encapsulated in that model was restricted to that domain. This problem is being explored today under the name transfer learning — with the goal of building a model that can be applied to multiple related problem areas. Join us in a discussion with Shubham Goyal, Data Scientist at Knoldus Inc., and learn what is transfer learning and how to build a custom image classifier that you will train on the fly in the browser using TensorFlow. REGISTER NOW:https://bit.ly/33CBy0e

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MLOps: ML Workflow Best Practices

Knoldus Inc.

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