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Anyone interested in learning Domain-Driven Design and applying reactive programming. Learn fluent modeling that showcases the business core and transforms from blocking legacy to concurrency with digital differentiation.

Berlin, Germany was the first city for the event, yet this is a road show and may be coming to your city soon!

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Reactive DDD—Transforming Digital Business

Montparnasse Tower

Sponsored by our gracious host Luteceo, Paris: Software Chemistry—The synthesis between your employees and the best practices of software development. Developers around the world are moving to rapidly adopt Domain-Driven Design (DDD), and in greater numbers than ever before. That's because DDD delivers powerful results in practice. At the same time, Reactive software development is becoming essential to implementing responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven solutions, including event streams of fast data. This world of distribution, concurrency, latency, and the uncertainty of time-critical results, must be tackled along with the complex business challenges. This talk gives practical guidance on using DDD to model business-driven solutions that result in software that is fluent, type-safe, and with core Reactive properties. Specific attention is given to moving legacy systems that have deep debt to ones that have clear boundaries, deliver explicit and fluent business models, and exploit modern hardware and software architectures.

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Reactive DDD—Transforming Digital Business

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