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Akka Cluster Management on Kubernetes

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= Description =

Akka Cluster is a powerful toolkit for building distributed applications. But as always, power comes with a price. Special care needs to be taken during bootstrapping, network partitions and gracefully stopping a cluster.

In this talk, Markus introduces the Akka Management CoordinatedShutdown and Akka Split Brain Resolver modules and demonstrates on a running Kubernetes cluster how these libraries can help to manage an Akka Cluster in production. Join us when you want to know how a stateful application can handle rolling deployments without downtime and without losing in-flight requests and how it can safely recover from network partitions.

= Bio =

Markus is Scala Lead at MOIA. As a Scala enthusiast, his focus is to design and build distributed systems based on Akka. He is a very active member of the German Scala community, co-organizing hackathons and user groups in Hamburg and Berlin. Markus is also the co-founder and former CTO of Y-Combinator funded startup.

= Schedule =

- 18:30 - 19:00 Get-together with food & drinks
- 19:00 - 20:00 Akka Cluster Management on Kubernetes
- 20:00: Get-together with more drinks

= Technicalities =

- The talk will be in English
- Accessibility: The meeting area is accessible by wheelchair (use the elevator)