What we're about

Reactive systems lay out a path to simplify the construction of always-on, always-responsive, real-time software systems.

We’re excited about the talks we have planned for 2018/2019! We’ll be exploring topics such as serverless computing, event-driven systems, and reactive machine learning.

Some of the important topics our talks cover include:

• Concurrency and parallelism in distributed systems

• Consistency (ACID vs BASE, transactions across async boundaries, etc)

• Handling failure in a distributed system

• Communications patterns (events, messages, pub/sub)

• Design considerations (domain-driven design, event storming)

• Reactive machine learning (building an ML pipeline, training/scoring on real time events, integrating with various ML + AI libraries, ensuring the whole thing is resilient!)

• Reactive technologies such as Akka, Kafka, Spark, and the list goes on

• Lessons learned from real world projects!

Thanks for being part of ReactiveTO!

Past events (9)

Mainframe Modernization: From COBOL to Event Sourcing

The First Canadian Place Gallery

Refactoring Legacy Java Apps with Akka Cluster and DC/OS

1130, Bahen Centre for Information Technology, University of Toronto

The Emerging Fast Data Architecture


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