What we're about

The Reactive Systems Development Group is a user group / meetup for Pittsburgh-area developers who embrace Reactive Design in their systems, or are new to Reactive and want to learn more about it. We get together to discuss technologies, architecture, patterns and techniques of interest to developers working on large-scale, distributed and reactive applications.

We try to meet monthly - either to hear engaging speakers present topical information, or to open the floor to round-table discussion of what’s on our collective mind.

Want to learn more about Reactive Systems? Check out the Reactive Manifesto (http://www.reactivemanifesto.org/).

Upcoming events (1)

Performance anti-patterns with message driven architecture

Talking about some common pitfalls of message driven designs - how to identify and correct them, and also how to avoid them in the future

Past events (4)

Combined meetup with AWS and Hadoop

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

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