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How long have you been meaning to read Proust's In Search of Lost Time? There's no better time than the present. Join us to start reading this classic aloud.

These meetings would run (hopefully) 2 hours - the first hour and a half would be reading aloud, the last half hour a discussion of said reading. These time allotments may change as necessary.

I currently do not have a place to meet or any ideas when it should start, or, for that matter, how often we should meet; but if members were interested please post any ideas. I may be looking into meeting at Mac's Backs, but I am checking with the owner. Availability of this space would also give us some framework as to when to meet.

I am partial to the Moncrieff translation, but would be interested in starting over with Lydia Davis' translation of Swann's Way. The translation we read would also be dependent on whichever copies everyone has / was able to get a hold of. We can discuss this in our first meeting. Copies can be made available at each meeting.

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