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This is a different kind of book club. Instead of setting a specific book to read each month, we'll choose a theme or genre. Then, when we get together, we'll chat about the different books everyone chose to fit that theme. For instance, if the them is just "Africa" one person may read a historical account of the Apartheid, another a collection of poems by an African author, and yet another might read a travel memoir about hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro! It's a cool way to learn about new books and to get to know people better. Plus, there's no stress over making yourself read a book you don't like, not finishing the book and being "THAT PERSON" in the book club, or not having anything insightful to say. It's a relaxed book club with 100% guarantee that you'll never have to read something you don't like!

I envision this group being very laid-back. No required reading, no discussion guides, no formalities! We'll start by meeting at coffee shops in Oak Creek and the Greater Milwaukee area once a month. Bring the physical copy of the book or books you chose to meet the theme if you can, as it is nice for others who think your book sounds interesting to be able to take a peek at it and write down the info to find it themselves!

Oh, and bring your theme ideas! Here's a few to start: classics, YA fantasy, travel memoir, books by women/minorities/etc, book that changed your life, books with a geographical focus (i.e. Africa, South America, etc), or book to movie. These can get really creative and be as broad or narrow as we like! We'll decide the next month's theme at the end of each meetup.

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Colectivo Coffee - Humboldt

We drew "triangles" out of the hat today....love triangle, Bermuda triangle, isosceles triangle, get creative! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As an FYI to those just seeing this for the first time, this is a book club where everyone reads their own book. We never assign a reading just a theme, so everyone can read what interests them. Then, at the book club, we chat about all the different books and ways people interpreted the theme. It's a good way to find new titles and get interested in something you may never have thought of yourself. It is also a good way to get to know people, as the book they choose and how they describe it tells a lot about them and opens up the conversation in a broader sense!

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Colectivo Coffee - Humboldt

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