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RBGS presents: Sunday Games at The Greyfriar
• What we'll do Gaming? Sunday? Greyfriar? Don't mind if I do! The Greyfriars support for gaming, as they steadily grow their own library, makes it an ideal venue for our chilled*, Sunday afternoon gaming session. It's easy to get there and don't worry too much about what time you can make it, the vibe is usually such that new games start throughout the afternoon. *A chilled vibe cannot be guaranteed at all time. People will occasionally get miffed; I even heard a 'humph' during a particularly fractious game of Avalon : ) • What to bring Games and a strong desire to feast on the corpses of your slain enemies... Or maybe I'm getting this mixed up with something else? The pub supports gaming as an ongoing activity and is, with our guidance, steadily growing a library of core games. Still bring whatever you fancy playing, but you are safe in the knowledge that there will always be games on hand to play whenever they are open. The pub has usual salty bar snacks and paninis are usually available, although if they are not, the pub is okay with you bringing something in to so you can keep on gaming. • Important to know Expect a mixture of hard-core and social gamers... It is Sunday afterall so expect new arrivals and early departures during the afternoon, depending on everyone's external pressures. As always if anyone looks lost have a word and try to make sure they're in on a suitable game as quickly as possible.

The Greyfriar

53 Greyfriars Road Reading Berkshire RG1 1PA · Reading

What we're about

Reading Board Gamers (this meetup group) is essentially an umbrella group bringing together various board gaming groups from across Reading & its surrounds and advertising their events all in one place.

Reading Board Gamers was formally known as "Geeks & Gamers 3.0" until October 2016 when a change in leadership/ownership of the group to myself led to the group concentrating on its single most popular recurrent event - board gaming. The board gaming element of what was "Geeks & Gamers 3.0" which was organised by myself for around 3 years or so - is now known as "Reading-On-Board". Reading-On-Board organises twice monthly (2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month) gaming sessions.

The "Reading Board Games Social" (RBGS) is the other main organiser of board gaming which is a part of Reading Board Gamers and organises weekly Wednesday meetups and fortnightly Tuesday meetups.

Newbury & Reading Wargamers (NRWG) recently joined us and are organising Thursday night weekly events at RISC (Note that they need to hire this venue so this event does attract an admission charge to attend to cover their room hire fees).

It is my hope to bring together the other various Reading based board game groups under one single umbrella so that all board game events can be advertised within a single place, reaching a wide audience and promoting the hobby within the Reading and surrounding areas.

If you are interested in becoming an event organiser for roleplaying games or social activities for the group then drop me a line and we can discuss. If you run another board game related group in the Reading area and want to advertise your events via this group - also drop me a line.

Other than the fee to attend the NRWG event on Thursdays all other events are free to attend. What I do however is organise a twice per year fundraising event where the membership of the group is asked to donate £5 each towards the costs of running the group (Any meetup group over 50 members has to pay around £70 per 6 months fees to It is not free to run this group and while the vast majority of the events are free to attend - we ask that in April and October each year when the membership fees are due - you please donate £5 towards the costs of the group.

£5 per 6 months worth of events is a bargain given the number of gaming events organised by the group. Look out for the "virtual meetup" events in April and October. Joining the event costs £5 and this is how you donate to the running costs of the group.

We are a very relaxed and social group. No previous experience is necessary and you don't need to own any board games. Just come along to one of the events and join in some games :)



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