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"This is a group for anyone interested in concerts, live music, lectures, readings, poetry and outdoor pursuits and those who are willing to try new things. Looking forward to exploring new adventures with everybody."

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My Big Chance Spark Stories

Ritzy Cinema and Cafe

Spark London was Britain’s first true storytelling club – and now have nights across the UK. The next themed event is '' My first Big chance'' When did you last seize a big opportunity? Whether it was a chance to escape your hometown, chase your dream career, meet your idol, reinvent yourself, speak your truth… or simply prove yourself in front of a new group of friends, about the times you took the leap – or missed your chance to do so. There are only three rules at Spark: It must be true It must be your own story, and It must be under five minutes long. You can submit your story when the door open at 7.30. This group is called ''not for the faint hearted'', therefore I encourage you to submit your story and get up in front of a small crowd :)! Or you can just join in the fun!

Tough Mudder 5K Urban South London - Clapham 2019

Hello everyone! Here we go, the first ever ''not for the faint heart'' event, TOUGH MUDDER 5K Urban! The actual event sets off Saturday Night from 6-8pm. We meet at the Tough Mudder venue in Clapham around 5.15 pm. After we cross the finishing Line, we will celebrate with a pint of beer and a bite to eat for our hard earned efforts before heading off home. The course is 5 Kilometres, 13 Obstacles. The price Includes Booking Fee, Free Finisher T-shirt, Headband, Beer, Action Photography & access to Mudder Village. As from today 28/08/2019 it is 35 pounds per person, the price will increase in 3 days time. You can secure tickets through the following link https://toughmudder.co.uk/events/2019-south-london-clapham-5k-urban This event in a no mud Urban course, oh boy I know you want the mud and so do I! However who wants to wait until May 2019 before we partake in Tough Mudder, right?! So let tread the water with this one, before we move onto the next! A wise man once said...In life velocity means very little, acceleration means everything. If your going 650 miles an hour in an aeroplane, you don't actually feel it, you only feel it when speed changes. Emotionally that's also true, happiness is only interesting when it's juxtaposed with sadness. ~ Tim Attia So the feeling of crossing the finishing line after two hours, is truly amazing, what makes it especially amazing is when an hour earlier, you thought your body would give out. That adrenaline which rushes through your body like a true warrior when you hit the end of the line, that's emotional acceleration, the greatest contrast. I am super excited to kickstart these events and for some of us it might be stepping outside of our comfort zone. Training tips before the event can be found on the Tough Mudder website. It is usually recommended to start training 6 weeks prior to the event to prepare yourself, so get busy. We will go through these courses with team spirit whilst we push and help each other bypass all obstacles. Let's do this!

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