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Last summer, I went to an all-age community camp with my 6y.o. and very recent ex - it seemed a bit like a recipe for disaster. Instead, I had one of the best weeks of my life.

As a working parent, I've been exhausted and under-resourced a lot of the time, and looking after my son has often felt like either / or - Either look after him, Or try to look after me (and good luck with that with a young child). The NVC (nonviolent communication) community camp was amazing because there were enough (really nice) kids that my son had a great time playing with and learning from (on day 3 he told me "Daddy, you don't need to keep checking on me - if I have a problem, I'll come and find you" :D). On top of that, the adults were pretty much all lovely, supportive people who I could connect to really easily, and who shared my values and general wish to skill ourselves up to raise happy and emotionally healthy little people. Being in the same space as my son, in an environment that seemed to really feed and support both of us was really special, and valuable, and has been kind of rare for me. I want more of that in my life, and so I thought I'd try a few meetups to see what we might be able to start.

So, in simple terms, the intention that I have for this group is to have parent & kid meetups that do 2 things at the same time....

1. to provide easy group playdates that I can go to with my son - to help give him the play, and social interaction, and learning that he needs.....

2. to provide a support network for me and other parents who are passionate about emotional health for their kids (by which I broadly mean things like attachment parenting, conscious parenting, partnership parenting, gentle parenting, NVC etc - none of which I am an expert in), and passionate about trying to have their actual daily interactions with their kids reflect their values and wishes rather than how I end up parenting accidentally ("PUT YOUR SHOES ON!" - because, you know, life keeps happening).

So, how do we make a group like that?

I dont know, but as a googled starting point, this sounds pretty good to me:


Fancy meeting up and talking about it? (kids and chaos welcome)

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