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The Milk Lady of B'lore & The Heart Is a Shifting Sea: Love & Marriage in Mumbai
Book Club on September 23rd 2018: The Milk Lady of Bangalore (Shoba Narayan) AND The Heart Is a Shifting Sea: Love and Marriage in Mumbai (Elizabeth Flock). Read one, or both! The Milk Lady of Bangalore is a tale of an unlikely bond between two women, and a humorous exploration of India--cows, food, culture and all, by an American Indian protagonist. Anybody raised in India will recognize the quirks and realities that make India such a special, unforgettable place! Part journalism, part intimate exploration, Elizabeth Flock's The Heart is a Shifting Sea uncovers the hopes, dreams, disappointments and histories of middle- and upper middle-class couples in Mumbai in a way that is sensitive, respectful, and does not pander to caricatures. It offers a glimpse into the risks and rewards of real-life romance in a country more known for its arranged marriages. *** Upcoming meetups (date & location tbd): Oct 2018: Under the Lemon Trees (Bhira Backhaus) AND Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows (Balli Kaur Jaswal). Read one, or both! In October, we'll also select books for the next 3 months. Be sure to attend in person to make a pitch for your favorites! Also, please make sure your recommendations are easily available (through local libraries, etc.)

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    This is a group for anyone interested in learning more about India through books and discussion. We can read fiction and non-fiction, scholarly and pulp, by Indians and by others, about India and the broader subcontinent. Let's use our reading as a springboard for a lively and respectful conversation around a critical exploration of Indian culture, society and politics.

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