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'I wandered lonely as a cloud' once, so I decided to start this meetup for other like-minded poetry enthusiasts!

In each session we will discuss a number of different poems all relating to a particular theme, for instance 'war' or 'feminism'. I will tell you the theme of each session way in advance to give you the opportunity to come back to me with any poem requests, relating to the chosen theme, for us to discuss that week. If no-one requests any then I don't mind coming up with the poems myself; I'd just like this group to be as enjoyable as possible for everyone so I want to give you a bit of control as to how each session is run. I will announce the chosen poems to the group probably around a couple of weeks before each session. This is so you can read them in advance to come up with your own judgements and ideas beforehand.

There will also be the odd session giving you the opportunity to present your own written poetry to the group should you wish to do so. The regularity of these sessions depends entirely on how many people in the group actually want to write their own poetry and are bravely willing to read out their work.

This is group is for anyone, whether you've got a degree in English Literature, you read poetry as a hobby, or simply want to try something new! As far as I'm aware, we are the only poetry meetup group in this area so we are undoubtedly the best one. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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