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We network to get more knowledgeable about Biomechanics in Daily Life and Industry.

The spine is the most wonderful mechanical artefact that exists. It can rotate, flex and extend, in 3 dimensions at the same time, and at the same time provide clearance for all the electric control circuitry from brain to peripherals. That circuitry is our nerve system.It provides protection and structure to the body and an overall anchoring point for the rest of the skeleton. And all that made possible from growing out of one fertilzed cell, not from a factory line.

But it can only be understood well with Biomechanics.
Biomechanics is the study of forces and movements in the human and animal bodies.

Lets get together for an affordable introduction in one of those things that defines us as human beings the most, but few people talk about: Spine Biomechanics.

We provide a 3h swirl through this multidisciplinary science with lectures, demo's , video's and an optional opportunity for an individual backbending postural analysis with a stripped down harness.

workshops on 14 and 15 december at RISC , Reading International Solidarity Centre, RG14PS, 20min walk from Reading main railway station close to Oracle shopping centre.

Booking essential (20gbp) at: http://lobba.simplybook.it


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