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You are 55+ and ready to make a change in your life. In your work, in your living situation, or to explore new- or long held interests.
You may be ready to make a big change (retiring, starting a small business, selling your home, moving to another country) or a small one (working fewer hours, taking a university course, taking on a roommate, starting a new hobby), or you may have an idea to do something different temporarily (a yoga program in India, Spanish course in Argentina, pastry-making class in France). Maybe you've been thinking about making a change for some time, or maybe you're just beginning to consider it. Many times we want to do something, but we don't know what that something is.
I’ve found that this stage of life is something like the time after university when you are feeling the angst of, What do I do now? There are so many possibilities, which bring both excitement and anxiety - change is difficult, as we well understand. It would be helpful to think these through with others, which is the purpose of this group. We can come together to share ideas, read and discuss relevant articles and books, act as a sounding board for each other, and confer with experts who have experience in guiding people through this life stage.
If you are ready to make an important life change and want to help create a supportive learning network, please join us.

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