What we're about

The Real Dudes' Crew is for guys interested in finding deeper, more satisfying, and authentic friendships with other men. It's for those who want to add some depth to what may be a pool of mostly shallow acquaintances. Is the Real Dudes' Crew right for you? The following might help to clarify.

*Are you easily exhausted by small talk?

*Do you have an open mind and broad interests?

*Do you crave deeper, more meaningful conversation, but also enjoy being active? In other words, sitting around and shooting the shit is fine, but shooting the shit while taking apart an engine together is better.

*Are you interested in movies, gaming, outdoor activities, DIY, and exploring?

*Would you enjoy a pat on the shoulder, a playful shove, a hug, or other friendly forms of non-sexual, physical interaction from someone you could call, "an outstanding friend?" Perhaps your childhood was the last time you had that kind of bond? They are hard to find later on!

*Are most of your deeper conversations exclusively with women? Have you let your connection with other men atrophy?

Basically, the Real Dudes' Crew is about hanging out and doing "guy stuff," but with the ultimate goal of being ourselves around one another, and hopefully connecting on a deeper, more satisfying level.

Join up, and check out one of our meetings!

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Checking in

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