What we're about

Greater Denver area real estate agents... you are currently working:
- Expireds
- Social Media
- Geo-farming
- Local expertise
- Your Sphere of Influence

... and you are exploring video and hired a coach. That is all great! You should work and maintain at least 5 sources of leads at any given time.

BUT there is a missing pillar in your business model.

I am not selling anything, and you can not buy anything. This is not about selling new technology or coaching.

This Thursday at NOON I am holding a small educational seminar to share with you the missing income pillar that will help you:

- regain work-life balance;
- pay down debt;
- start or build your retirement account;
- find some free time in your life to do things you love to do;
- and put the JOY back in your real estate career.

Looking forward to seeing you and sharing with you.

~ Rick Janson, Realtor®

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