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Let me level with you...fair and square. Passive Profits Playbook Round Table is not your typical Real Estate Immersion Experience What this is NOT: This is NOT something that requires you to miss out on another real estate deal because you don't know what to do next. This is NOT something that asks you to spend another year stuck at a job you hate. This is NOT something that expects you to run from seminar to seminar chasing HGTV gurus who leave out the nuances so you'll fork over the BIG $40K. STOP putting off your every year... losing valuable time, you'll never get back, you could be creating valuable memories with your family. Passive Profits Playbook is THE ONLY Immersion Experience that will allow you to go from contract to close in as little as 30 days. And it will forever eradicate the need to do the mindless, useless things fly in, fly out gurus have been telling you to do for years. All those fly in, fly out gurus who took you for a fool ...made you lose time, money and HOPE! This is your chance to thumb your nose at all these fly in, fly out gurus as you glide from struggling to taking your deal from contract to close with instant confidence and concrete success! Ahhh sweet sweet smell of victory & vengeance! Happy To Share The Table With You! Val

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Have you lost hope, in this economy, when it comes to ensuring you don't lose your quality of life during your retirement years? Has legislation, and recent changes in benefit packages, saturated your hopes since there exists no guaranteed benefit plan? Have you reached the age where you will have to save an amount beyond your current cash flow not to have to spend your "golden years under the golden arches"? Well, join us for a fun way to learn creative retirement strategies, even if you're retiring in 5 years or less. Learn the art of Real Estate Investing for Retirement through the refuge of game playing and make wonderful connections for networking in your new endeavors at the same time. You also can gain insight into other creative retirement strategies, such as Tax-Free Wealth Accumulation and alternatives to Self-Directed IRA vehicles. Use these ideas to fund deals without risk and minimize taxation; under the leadership of the foremost, "risk averse financial planner" in the area. Please also bring your expertise.

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