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Looking to purchase your first rental property? Or your 10th? Or your hundredth? Or rather do flips than own rental property? Or are you a property wholesaler or property manager? Want to network with experienced investors? Then you'll fit right in our non-profit association. Established in 1981, we're one of Michigan's premier real estate investor associations. Our membership prides itself on sharing information in an open manner at dinner speaker meetings, subgroup meetings and through educational real estate investment classes offered through our association. Since we're an organization run by volunteers, our only game plan is to ensure you get the most from your attendance at our many events. So we encourage you to drop by and check out one of our upcoming events.


Membership - Tyler Duggan at 248-765-8949 (Cell)

Marketing - Peter Wilens at 248-613-7354 (Cell)

Upcoming events (4+)

General Real Estate Investors Meeting

Online event


While we’ve not yet finalized our topic for this month, be assured that it will be practical, interesting, and fun to be at! Most importantly, it will help you buy more properties and put more dollars into your pocket through addressing a variety of topics customized to Metro Detroit Investors.

Hope to see you there!

Peter Wilens
REIA of Oakland Board Member - Marketing

Landlording Mastermind Subgroup Meeting

Noni's Grille of Troy

Great Informal Way to Learn the Ins and Outs of Owning Rental Properties and to meet other Landlords!

This Oakland REIA Subgroup covers specific topics of interest to landlords. Typically 15-20 people attend making it an ideal informal environment to ask questions, share information and learn. Both novice and experienced investors are invited to attend. Discussions are always lively and interesting! During this meeting, we typically cover current landlording challenges that meeting attendees bring to the table for discussion and resolution. For example, we might address the best and most durable paint colors, how to deal with a tough tenant, the names of good affordable contractors, through helping other members solve specific real estate challenges such as whether a specific property deal is a good deal.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Brian Sullivan

Fee: (pay upon arrival at this meeting)

Member Fee - No Charge

Non Member Fee - $5 (but free for non-members who have attended at least 5 meetings prior to Jan of 2016).

Advanced Investor Mastermind Subgroup Meeting

Noni's Grille of Troy

This Meetup is designed for the advanced investor who has completed at least 10 transactions. The format will be like a masterminding session as opposed to training. While the membership base of Oakland REIA is made up of many levels, this Meetup focuses on the advanced investors.
There is no charge for Oakland REIA members or for first-time attendees who've not yet become members. However, if you are not a member, there is a charge of $5 for each additional meeting you attend.

Tom Hutt (meeting facilitator)

Re/Max - Craftsman Hames and Land LLC

Fee: (pay upon arrival at this meeting)
Member Fee - No Charge
Non-Member Fee - $5

The Metro-Detroit Airbnb Owner's Guild

3525 2nd Ave

Welcome to The Metro-Detroit Airbnb Owner’s Guild.

Please join us as we discuss a variety of topics involving short term rentals in our area as well as interesting news topics.

This month with be hands-on as we meet at a Superhost Airbnb located in Midtown. Here's the link to the listing: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/21456098?s=67&unique_share_id=23446291-ec9c-4f80-a0be-1b92ab270d28

This group brings together short-term/ vacation property investors to learn, organize and share in all areas of this exciting real estate investment segment. This group will meet monthly at different venues, including the occasional Airbnb property.

The goals of this new group are to:

1) Share best practices
2) Organize
3) Combine buying power

By sharing best practices, attendees will learn tips, tricks and strategies for designing and operating a business designed to please guests, deliver great reviews and increase profitability. Topics will include location, decor, pricing, consumables, technologies, cleaning, profiles, guest handling and more.

By organizing, our guild is stronger than any of us individually. We will focus on our region. We will be ready if needed to defend our investments against over-reaching municipalities who could, at any moment, challenge this empowering hosting opportunity. If we are already organized, we can respond more effectively to these outside threats.

By combining buying power, we have the opportunity to provide better products and services to our guild. For example, do you purchase coffee for your guests to use? Together we can partner with a Detroit area coffee provider to give our guests a specialty branded coffee experience while allowing us access to wholesale pricing.


Steve Lovett
Board Member

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Advanced Investor Mastermind Subgroup Meeting

Noni's Grille of Troy

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