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NOTICE: This group will eventually shut down if Cowboy Keith Jenkins can’t continue to sponsor the group. However, we are temporarily stepping in until Keith decides to continue with the group, or not. In the meantime, if you like what we have to offer (see information below), then join North County Real Estate Investors Club via meetup. We meet in Carlsbad – topics and dates are posted in the group’s meetup page.

IF you want to learn how to do real estate investing, or partner with other ACTIVE and SERIOUS investors, then the NCREI Club is the place for you!!

FIND, FUND, and FLIP!! … or hold it if you like

What is the piece of the puzzle that you are missing?

Finding the deals? Wholesaling the deals? Funding the deals? Or Flipping the deals?

If you have one (or none) of the four pieces, then we can help you find the others!

The NCREI Club is about much more than real estate investing. You can learn the "HOW" to become a real estate investor in this group, BUT the real key is taking that knowledge and putting into ACTION … we will guide you.

Action with the RIGHT partners, the RIGHT marketing, the RIGHT message, and the RIGHT deals. Don't get stuck in the "learning" phase forever – STOP buying courses, and START buying houses! This group is about empowering you to "GET IN THE GAME" and actually give you the tools, the knowledge, and the partnerships that you need to create wealth in real estate – for FREE!

The NCREI Club is open to lenders, loan officers, agents, rehabbers, wholesalers, other ancillary real estate professionals, and all other type of RE investors.

One of our main goals is to create Investor Teams to help everyone participate, learn, invest, and succeed with little experience and capital investment. We will train everyone from the bottom up … for FREE!

Future topics to be covered at the North County Real Estate Investors Club (NCREI Club):

Goal Setting and Exit Strategy planning

How to use technology to grow your real estate business

How to fund your deals

How to analyze deals

Fix and Flip … or DON’T Fix, but DO Flip

How to start doing deals with a small amount of your own money

How to do deals out of state

… and much, much more --- Join Now!

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