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This group is for Houston real estate investors (at any level - newbies or pros) who are looking to become Real Deal Makers. If you are looking for a real estate investing association (REIA), this is the place for you. We focus on putting together Real Deals.

Home owners are unfortunately in situations where they need to sell a house fast. As investors, we can help them accomplish this in an ethical and efficient manner. Investing is more than just putting up some We Buy Houses signs or mail. Building your team is vital step in achieving your goals. Whether you are new or experienced, the bigger your network, the bigger your net worth.

• If you are new, learn the right way to buy houses by using the correct type of leverage.

• If you are experienced, are you making deals with all cash or you making Real Deals?

• If you are a lender, do you know how to protect yourself in investments? Or do you have lazy money sitting in the bank?

• When a seller tells you, "I want to sell my house fast", do you know what to do?

We will have fun and educational events geared towards growing your real estate business, and at the same time increasing your professional network. This Houston Real estate investing club can be the one thing that propels your business to the next level.

- Houston Real Deal

"Good deals can be found, but Real Deals are Created."

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True Power of Creative Finance...with Ray Sasser (In Person & Zoom)

Saturday 10:30am-3:30pm
Cost: Members $75 Non Members $100
Location:1001 W Loop S , Houston, TX 77027
and on Zoom as a Virtual Event!!
REGISTRATION LINK: https://bit.ly/CreativeREI

Have you ever thought to yourself that you need to find more deals? Have you ever wondered how people make more money out of REI deals? If you answered YES to either of those questions then you need to learn how to be KALM. Learning how to be KALM = your success!
Then you might ask yourself what is KALM? How do I become KALM? Well those are great questions. We have found that to be a successful REI all have Knowledge, Attitude, Leads, and Money! That is KALM!
Knowing the steps is important because that is where the power is.
This workshop is only for the people that want to grow more. If you have never done any Real Estate Investing deals, If you have only done a few wholesale deals, if you have never seen the profit from a long term deal then you need to be at our event.

*If your bank account depends on some outside job.
*If your wallet has ever looked sad and empty.
*If you want to be able to be your own boss.
*If you want to learn how to convert the Leads you find into Passive income.
Then you should carve out 5 hours on September 25th (Saturday) and make sure that there are no distractions so that you can level up in life.
We will show you strategies that will help you stay KALM. You will have the Knowledge to tackle your first or more deals. You will have the right Attitude to approach Real Estate Investing. You will have the ability to find more Leads. This will lead you to ways to make more Money!
Once you follow the strategies then
*Your bank account will depend on your ACTION!
*Your wallet will be fat and happy.
*You will become your own boss.
*And you will learn how to turn your MASSIVE ACTION into MASSIVE PASSIVE income.
Join us on September 25th on Zoom between 10:30-3:30. Cost is $100 to join the class.
REGISTRATION LINK: https://bit.ly/CreativeREI

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