Property-Backed Digital Securities & How They Will Transform Real Estate

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Real Estate Networking Meetup Group
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Real Estate Tokenization A-Z

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This is an introduction to a full 14-session web-seminar which will provide a hands-on understanding of real estate tokenization.

This introduction will present an overview of reasons, the advantages, methodologies and stages of tokenization along with legal and compliance issues focusing on the primary but also touching upon the secondary markets.

This workshop is an introduction into the world of real estate tokenization, or introducing the possibility of fractional investment in real estate. Tokenization transforms property into a financial product that can be flexibly issued, traded, indexed, bench marked, etc.

The workshop will introduce the concepts of blockchain, digital assets, crowdfunding, exchanges and more.

This Web seminar is conducted by SolidBlock under Cointelligence academy and in collaboration with FIBREE, the 3,000-member international network for knowledge exchange between the real estate industry, the IT sector, and blockchain technology (certification is available).

Please visit our website for further info on how to tokenize your project: