What we're about

We are living in difficult and scary times. It can be hard to find the kinds of friends that you can be completely honest with and who will support you when times get tough. We are a mixed group of friends who have found each other along the way. We get together every other week and sometimes for special events on weekends. We have been meeting together for about a year now, and are looking to share and grow our community. Our primary goals are:

1. To support each other through the ups and downs of everyday life in these times.

2. To challenge each other to achieve lasting change by getting rid of the things that hold us back and developing new patterns that make us better.

We accomplish these goals in our biweekly meetings in small group format with the following agenda:

-Check in – we go around and each share about how our life has gone for the last couple of weeks
-Meditation time – brief, minimally guided meditation to give everybody a chance to get calm and centered. Beginning meditation materials are available for those who are new to meditation.
– Discussion time – about 45 minutes of structured discussion around personal growth topics of mutual interest. We stress going deep and understanding ourselves and working on deep internal change. Our current topic is conflict resolution, using nonviolent communication techniques. We are working on understanding and eliminating our triggers that tend to sabotage conflict resolution.

If you are feeling alone and wish you had some friends, we would love to have you join us. If you want to go deeper in your friendships and deep into meaningful conversation, this is the group for you. We are all-inclusive. All ages, genders, walks of life are welcome!

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