What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in getting exposure to real estate investing and financial literacy.

On some Saturdays of the month we show one of our fix and flip projects. We show you how we found it, the numbers we ran to determine what we would pay for it, how we are rehabbing it and our projected profit. The projects are living and breathing and people can see a property go from needing a lot of work in the beginning to being a new and modern home that someone can move into.

Usually once a month we also have Saturday sessions where a very successful practitioners of a given real estate investment strategy come visit us. They not only talk about it but actually DO it. People leave the session with knowledge that they can apply.

Every week we have sessions where we show people the 4 currencies of life , the 4 pillars to wealth and how the wealthy use them to build what we call the family bank. We also show what the banks do not want us to know about mortgages and all amortized loans. Those can be paid off in 1/3 the time with a methodology that we share. To show how real estate is real and possible to be successful we share some of our projects.

We are all about forming new relationships and work with people in many different ways.

Anyone is welcome to come visit us.

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