• Reactathon: The San Francisco React Conference

    Hilton San Francisco Union Square

    Reactathon is back for its fifth and biggest edition yet! This year we're at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square and are expecting 500 attendees. We have an amazing, packed lineup for you that will satisfy your curiosity and help you to bring back lessons and inspiration to the office. Head to https://www.reactathon.com to see the full schedule. Featured Speakers: - Guillermo Rauch, Founder & CEO of ZEIT - Kent C. Dodds, notable JS/React instructor - Naomi Meyer, Software Engineer at Adobe - Cassidy Williams, Instructor & Developer at React Training - Evan Bacon, Open Source Developer at Expo - Daria Caraway, Software Engineer at Workday - Tejas Kumar, Head of Vetting at G2i - Wes Bos, Engineer & Entrepreneur at WesBos.com - Jana Beck, Data Visualization Engineer at Stitch Fix - David Khourshid, Software Engineer at Microsoft - Swizec Teller, Software Engineer at Yup Technologies - Christian Nwamba, Sofrtware Engineer at Microsoft - Alex Krolick, Software Engineer at Box - Becca Bailey, Software Engineer at Formidable - Bryan Manuele, Software Engineer at Flexport - Brian Leroux, CTO at Begin - Lydia Hallie, Independent Software Engineer - Scott Tolinski, Engineer & Entrepreneur at Level Up Tutorials - Ryan Florence, co-founder and CEO of React Training - Anjana Vakil, Software Engineer at Mapbox Special Event Appearances by: - Lee Byron, co-creator of GraphQL - Chantastic - Host of the React Podcast - Lauren Tan - Former engineering manager at Netflix - JJ Kasper - Next.js co-maintainer & engineer & ZEIT - Joe Haddad - Next.js co-maintainer & engineer & ZEIT - Chris on Code - Founder of Scotch.io - Muhsin Abdul-Musawwir - Engineer at Slack - Matt McClure - Co-founder of Mux - Eve Porcello - Instructor at Moon Highway - Ben Awad - YouTuber & Teacher - Ryan Burgess - Co-host of the Frontend Happy Hour, engineering manager at Netlfix - Jonathan Cutrell - Host of the Devloper Tea podcast & Engineering Manager at Tesorio - Tanmai Gopal - Co-Founder of Hasura - Swyx Wang - DX Engineer at Netlify - Pete Hunt - Engineering Manager at Twitter, former React Core Workshops From: - Kent C. Dodds - Eve Porcello - Swizec Teller - Ben Ilegbodu Sponsorships: A few package (exhibiting) sponsorships remain, and a number of other options. Contact [masked] to learn more. Get tickets: You can learn more and get tickets at https://www.reactathon.com . Please note that an RSVP on meetup does not grant you admission.

  • Online React workshops from Kent C. Dodds, Eve Porcello, Swizec, & Ben Ilegbodu

    Note: These workshops are now online! Join notable engineers & instructors Kent C. Dodds, Eve Porcello, Swizec Teller, or Ben Ilegbodu for a full-day workshop before the Reactathon conference. Learn more & get tickets at https://www.reactathon.com/workshops Please note that an RSVP on meetup does not grant you admission. If you'd like to host a workshop at your office, and get discounts and other incentives, contact [masked] /////////////////////////////////////////////// Kent C. Dodds - React Suspense Advanced In this workshop, you will: - Know how Suspense works fundamentally - Be able to write your own Suspense-based abstraction - Understand the benefits and how to of 'render as you fetch' - Know how to use useTransition and useDeferredValue effectively - Know how to write your own cache for suspense-based abstractions - Know how to use to coordinate multiple suspending components /////////////////////////////////////////////// Swizec Teller - Build a Modern Web App with React, GraphQL, & Serverless Intermediate/Advanced In this workshop, you will learn: - How to set up a static-first webapp with Gatsby - Why that’s important for SEO and speed scores - How to build good looking UIs without design skills - How to move some functionality to the backend using a serverless approach - How to use serverless to store user data - Using GraphQL to query your data - How to add user authentication - How to monetize your creation /////////////////////////////////////////////// Eve Porcello - GraphQL for React Devs Intermediate In this workshop, we will cover: - GraphQL Overview - Understanding GraphQL Clients - Setting Up Apollo Client - Fetching Data in React Components - Apollo Codegen with TypeScript /////////////////////////////////////////////// Ben Ilegbodu - Intro to Modern React with Hooks Beginner/Intermediate In this workshop, you will learn how to: - Write readable, reusable and composable components - Use JSX syntax - Work with the Virtual DOM - Handle user interactions and synthetic events - Maintain application state - Make API calls - Apply component styling - Handle HTML forms & form elements - And more Learn more & get tickets at https://www.reactathon.com/workshops

  • Partner event: JAMstack_conf 2019

    City View at Metreon

    We are excited to be helping Netlify to run JAMstack_conf San Francisco for a second year! After two stops in New York and London, the conference is back for its flagship location, this time with 2 full days of content on topics ranging from JAMstack at scale, JAMstack with wordpress, Serverless architectures, case studies on the JAMstack and more! Requires outside paid registration. Learn more & get tickets at https://jamstackconf.com/sf Discount codes for RWR members: 20% off conference and workshops (5 available): RWR20 10% conference and workshops (unlimited): realworldreact What's the JAMstack, you ask? The JAMstack is a powerful new approach for deploying fast, highly-scalable sites and applications that don't require backend infrastructure. Thanks to recent advancements in the web platform, developers can now run any web property ー from simple sites to complex applications ー on global CDNs and without a single web server. JAMstack brings together Javascript, APIs, and Markup, the three core components used to create sites that are both fast and highly interactive. JAMstack sites are well-suited to meet the demanding requirements of today’s mobile-first web: where load times urgently matter and quality bandwidth can never be guaranteed.

  • React + D3; Observables & RxJS


    5:30 - 6:25 - Registration, social hour 6:30 - 6:35 - Welcome 6:35 - 7:35 - Talks 7:35 - 9:00 - Social hour All attendees, speakers, sponsors and organizers must follow the Reactathon code of conduct. Please review it here: https://www.reactathon.com/code-of-conduct/ Thanks to Eventbrite for hosting! Learn more about their open positions at https://www.eventbritecareers.com/home 🎤Talk 1 Marcos Iglesias: React, D3 and their ecosystem https://twitter.com/golodhros Both React and D3 are two excellent tools designed with goals that sometimes collide. Both take control of user interface elements, and they do so in different ways. How can you make them work together while optimizing for their distinct advantages according to your current project? In this talk, you will see how to approach building React projects that need the powerful charting goodness of D3. You will discover different techniques and how to choose the best library for your needs in your main work and side projects. About Marcos Marcos Iglesias is a Senior Software Engineer who builds compelling user interfaces at Eventbrite. Marcos is passionate about creating stunning data visualizations and dashboards using D3 and Frontend technologies like ES2015, React, Redux and Webpack. On top of all that, he enjoys writing about software, giving talks and maintaining Britecharts, the open source charting library. 🎤Talk 2 Feather Knee: Create Rich User Experiences with Observables https://twitter.com/featherart Everyone is a power user of the web. We have no patience for a UX that doesn’t move as swiftly as our attention spans. We want maximum flexibility and instant feedback. We want to search without pressing a button, to be fickle, and to talk to our computers like the boss in IT Crowd (except there’s a response). Observables FTW! First, an exploration of Observables at a high level, then a survey of use cases, followed by a dive into implementation details. Surprisingly, with libraries like RxJs we can implement Observable patterns in React with few lines of code. About Feather Feather Knee is a Senior UI Developer at NVIDIA. Previously she worked at Netflix, where she got her first exposure to React and RxJs writing a prediction tool for new content. Feather first started writing JavaScript in the 90’s and has written apps in Java, Perl, Ruby, and JavaScript. She got her MA in Operations Research from UCSB. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, gardening and hanging out with her partner & two Chihuahua mutts.

  • Partner Event: Open Core Summit

    The Palace Of Fine Arts

    Real World React is excited to sponsor this new event franchise, the Open Core Summit! Outside registration required at https://opencoresummit.com. We have discounts for RWR members: RWR25 (25% off, 10 available) RWR10 (10% off, unlimited) Free (2 available for underrepresented in tech - please contact [masked] for more info to apply) The Open Core Summit is a who's who of Founders, CEOs, top engineers, and investors eager to embrace the Open Core model -- where all of your code is open source except your business strategy, such as your data or an enterprise service. If you're interested in open source, monetizing open source, and products or services, then you should definitely join us at this event!

  • Inclusive Architecture, Building Serverless Backends

    120 Kearny St

    5:30 - 6:25 - Registration, social hour 6:30 - 6:35 - Welcome 6:35 - 8:00 - Talks 8:00 - 9:00 - Social hour All attendees, speakers, sponsors and organizers must follow the Reactathon code of conduct. Please review it here: https://www.reactathon.com/code-of-conduct/ Thanks to OpenTable for hosting! Learn more about their open positions at https://www.opentable.com/careers/technology/ 🎤Talk 1 Tracy Lee: Inclusive Architecture - Designing your applications and team for the future. https://twitter.com/ladyleet We are all too familiar with projects and companies that only seem to be able to support senior developers, but this can get expensive, unsustainable, and your team can begin to look very myopic. Teams begin groupthink, ideas become stale, and it can be difficult to reinvigorate the growing sense of mundane development. It doesn't have to be this way. In fact, creating an inclusive architecture can help development go faster and become more cost effective. It's not difficult to begin adjusting your sails and beginning to create an architecture that is inclusive in nature to support junior developers, project managers, and designers. No application is too critical, complicated, or obscure to be able to achieve this. We'll talk through frameworks, tools, abstractions, and simple steps that can help you start building inclusively. We will also talk through how you can build a corresponding culture that allows inclusivity on your team, and why this is so critical to your business. We'll walk through processes you can incorporate, team roles, and how you can build a better template for the future of your business. About Tracy Tracy is the Co-Founder of This Dot Labs, a consultancy helping teams build front end applications and is focused on changing the ratio in tech. She is also a Google Developer Expert, RxJS Core Team member, a Women Techmakers Lead, and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences. She heads up Community Relations at Node Foundation, is the host of the Modern Web podcast, organizer of This.JavaScript, Contributor Days, Google Developer Group Silicon Valley and Triangle, and RxWorkshop. You can find her on Twitter @ladyleet or at http://thisdot.co/labs. 🎤Talk 2 David Wells: Building an infinitely scalable serverless backend for your react app https://twitter.com/davidwells David will be discussing how easy it is for frontend developers to deploy serverless backends using plain ol’ JavaScript. You will gain a deeper understanding of the wide variety of serverless solutions in the ecosystem including the different options for databases/filestorage/auth/alerting/queuing and everything else you might need for building real world scalable applications with minimal operational overhead (and at a fraction of the cost). About David David Wells is Serverless architect & full stack developer and currently DX @netlify

  • DX, Advanced Layout Systems, Rust in the Browser for JavaScripter, Gatsby Themes

    5:30 - 6:25 - Registration, social hour 6:30 - 6:35 - Welcome 6:35 - 8:20 - Talks 8:20 - 9:20 - Social hour Samsara can store your bike or scooter inside. Bring it to the 4th floor reception and they'll store it for you! 🎤Talk 1 Edwin Zhang: Developer Delight at Samsara Creating robust products and great user experiences isn't solely dependent on the code we write or the frameworks we use, but often on the tools we use to build them. In this talk, we'll go over the various ways we use and develop tools for frontend development and how they help us ship great products quickly and safely here at Samsara. About Edwin Hi! I'm a full-stack software engineer leading Samsara's Platform UX team. I'm passionate about bringing delightful user experiences to industries that don't always get the attention they deserve, and empowering developers with the tools they need to do it. 🎤Talk 2 Kyle Mathews: Building a Gatsby Theme While building simple sites with Gatsby is, well, simple, more complex sites can be difficult to configure and use. Kyle, the creator of Gatsby, will walk through a history of theming in various systems, what problems they solve, and the very novel feature of Gatsby Themes in that they enable true composition. Like React components, Gatsby Themes can be composed together in parent and sibling relationships which will enable completely novel and highly productive architectures for building websites. About Kyle Kyle is a tech entrepreneur based in San Francisco, CA. He's founded several startups and is now building a next generation open source JavaScript website framework called Gatsby that blends the speed of static sites with the rich tooling and client-side capabilities of React.js. 🎤Talk 3 Parris Khachi: Advanced Layout Systems for the Web https://twitter.com/parrissays Sometimes in life what you really need is `position: absolute-relative;`. While working on a drag/drop web editor we discovered that many people don't necessarily understand how a stack of content works -- even though this is usually how we think of layouts on the web. In the process of finding a solution for this I explored how different SDKs and applications handle layout. This talk is about that research, and where we landed as a company in trying to tackle this problem. About Parris Parris is the CTO and Co-Founder at StoryForj. He previously worked at Brigade as Director of Engineering and at Eventbrite as a Senior Software Engineer and Product Manager. Today he's looking to push the boundaries of the web and give more people access to creating meaningful, engaging content. 🎤Talk 4 Sean Grove: Rust in the Browser for JavaScripters: New Frontiers, New Possibilities https://twitter.com/sgrove Thanks to WebAssembly (WASM), Rust can reach the platform with the largest reach: the browser. We'll take a look at how thanks to the impressive language design, thoughtful compiler error messages, and great documentation, JavaScripters can unlock high-performance concurrency and graphics thanks to Rust. We'll step through Rust/wasm/JS interop, see what it's like to get a reference to a canvas instance, to communicate with services workers, and to pass data between all the pieces involved. We'll take a look at what's enabled, as well as pitfalls around the data boundaries involved, and the size of the final payload, so that it's clear where the cost of introducing Rust is outweighed by About Sean Sean's been convinced there are better ways to develop applications across the stack for years, and built time-traveling debuggers, interface builders, layout tools, and graphic design tools in his quest to explore the space. His company was the first to deploy ClojureScript's Om library to a production app in early 2014, he helped lay the architecture for CircleCI's open-source frontend app and https://www.precursorapp.com, built systems to support tens of millions of dollars in transactions, and most recently founded OneGraph.

  • Reactathon - Conference


    Update: Schedule now live at https://www.reactathon.com/schedule IMPORTANT: This event requires outside paid registration. An RSVP on meetup does not guarantee you entry. Head to https://www.reactathon.com to purchase your ticket. Reactathon is back for 2019 and bigger than ever! With speakers including Jen Luker, Shawn Swyx Wang, Jay Phelps, Jenn Creighton, Emily Plummer, Wes Bos and more! Don't miss out on this fun and educational event. See the full lineup and schedule at https://www.reactathon.com Events: Welcome Reception Mingle with other engineers, speakers, workshop instructors, and sponsors over food and drinks. Six 10-minute lightning talks, and topic tables. Topic Tables Informal sessions to get up close and personal with speakers, workshop instructors, and other experts on a specific subject. Conference A full day of talks heavy on content, applicability, and originality. With over 10 speakers discussing a variety of subjects, you're sure to learn many things to implement back at the office. Hiring Mixer Looking for your next job? Or out to get your first? Come to the hiring mixer where you'll meet some of the Bay Area's hottest companies. Free for hireable developers. Workshops From 4 hour workshops on the basics to full-day workshop on advanced topics, you'll learn in hours what our instructors have mastered over years. Learn more at https://www.reactathon.com/workshops Sponsors Interested in sponsoring the React.js event of the year? Contact [masked]

  • React.js Hiring Mixer


    The Reactathon hiring mixer is back for 2019! Come mingle with some of the Bay Area's hottest companies. Find your next job or your first! IMPORTANT: Outside registration is required to attend. An RSVP on meetup does NOT guarantee you entry. Please RSVP on Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hiring-mixer-reactathon-2019-san-francisco-tickets-57638511339 FAQ How much does it cost? Free for hireable developers. Which companies are hiring? Lending Club, Netlify, Gusto, Flexport, Eventbrite, and more. Do I have to know React? No. Although most of the companies in attendance are using React on the front-end, they also use a lot of other tools and technologies, in various ways. So if you have other skills to offer, then by all means, come and join us. However, if you're new to React and want to learn it, we encourage you to check the workshops offered throughout the week at reactathon.com Will there be food and drinks? Yes and yes. Is my information safe on the Eventbrite sign-up page? Yes. We understand that some people prefer confidentiality. We will not give, sell, or share any information submitted to the Hiring Mixer sign-up. So if you sign up and choose not to show up, no one will ever know but the Real World React team, and we give you our pledge to not disclose it, ever, to anyone other than the companies at the hiring mixer. If you want more confidentiality, see the "Remote Apply" option. Can I apply remotely? Yes. Select the "REMOTE hiring mixer" ticket. As a remote applicant, we will email you following the event with a full list of companies. You can choose to select the companies you wish to apply to, or ignore the email for the default of sharing your information with all companies in attendance. Can't make it in person? Want to pick and choose which companies get to see your CV? Select the REMOTE hiring mixer ticket below. Looking to hire front-end engineers? Interested in sponsoring a table? Contact [masked] to exhibit at the mixer!

  • Hooks + Three.js, Unicode, React + Typescript, & Building a startup in 1 day

    General Assembly - San Francisco

    Special Announcement -------------------------------- Reactathon 2019 is a go! See the lineup, propose a talk, and purchase tickets at https://www.reactathon.com Important -------------- This meetup is limited to the first 160 who arrive. After that number is hit, registration will be closed. Please arrive early to ensure entry. Venue is General Assembly. Venue provided by General Assembly. Food & Drinks provided courtesy of Dropbox. 5:45 - 6:25 - Registration, social hour 6:30 - 6:35 - Welcome 6:35 - 8:00 - Talks 8:00 - 9:00 - Social hour Talk 1 ------------------------------------------------- Aaron Siladi: React Hooks + Three.js This talk will contain general background info about the experimental new React Hooks API, and show an example of using it to create hybrid React/Three.js components. You'll learn how to create components that have interesting side effects beyond what you can do with the classic lifecycle methods that exist today. About Aaron Aaron Siladi is a Senior Software Engineer at HOVER, where he is building UIs that control 3D models. When not writing React code, he can be found hiking, flying drones, or playing with fire. Talk 2 ------------------------------------------------ Justin Hileman: What the Unicode? https://twitter.com/bobthecow Fun and games with Unicode: A quick dive into flag math, emoji shenanigans, code point gotchas, and more. About Justin Justin is a software engineer working on Dropbox Paper. He’s the keeper of emoji, and the hanger of punctuation. He wrote all of the bugs—and most of the features—in Paper’s presentation mode. He’s passionate about building great user experiences and products that help people be more productive. He abuses horizontal ellipses more than any other punctuation mark… Talk 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shawn Swyx Wang: Getting started with React + TypeScript https://twitter.com/swyx TypeScript is increasingly being adopted in React apps at scale, from AirBnb to Shopify to Atlassian. In this live coding talk, we walk through best practices and introduce everything you need to know to get started, WITHOUT getting lost in arcane generic type logic! About Swyx Swyx is an Infinite Builder working on Developer Experience at Netlify. In his free time he helps people Learn in Public at Egghead.io and /r/reactjs. Talk 4 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Swizec Teller: The modern web is crazy productive https://twitter.com/swizec When I started building products some 10 years ago, the web was a dark place. * Wanna charge a credit card? At least a week of work. * Wanna store user info? You better know how to run and host MySQL. * Want to go live? Good luck configuring Nginx or Apache. * Want a dynamic experience on the frontend? Browsers don’t even use the same JavaScript. Nowadays you can conceptualize and launch a product in 1 day. React makes it super easy to build webapps, UI kits mean you don’t need design skills, Gatsby makes your stuff fast, GraphQL makes it easy to get data, Serverless means you never have to configure a server again. Honestly it’s amazing. We live in the future. This talk, inspired by the #24hrstartup challenge, is about how all of a sudden you actually can build a startup in one day. About Swizec Swizec is an engineering consultant, trainer, and author of ES 2017 (https://es2017.io/), React + D3 v4 (https://swizec.com/reactd3js/), and others. He blogs at swizec.com and vlogs at https://youtube.com/user/TheSwizec Code of Conduct ------------------------ By attending this meetup, you agree to adhere to and abide by our code of conduct. You can read it at https://www.reactathon.com/code-of-conduct/