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Hello, and welcome all beginner and experienced investors.

I was a salaryman for over 25 years in Tokyo until cash flow real estate investment made me financially free in less than 4 years. I own more than 140 units of rental properties in whole building in Tokyo after I started 5 years. If I can do it, so can you.
I was also coached under "RichDad PoorDad" Robert Kiyosaki's program. My ultimate goal is to motivate and see more salarymen and women free from the 9 to 7 work life and enjoy real life. As an active real estate investor of Tokyo property, Airbnb operator, seminar speaker and an investment coach, I will try provide from an "investor point of view" for the followings: - real estate investment in Japan vs other countries
- why real estate is better stock/bond
- how to select cash flow income property
- owning whole rental building is better than single unit
- how to get good mortgages in Japan
- tax advises( minimize tax mean high income)
- personal vs company ownerships
- property management is easy in Japan
- property renovation
- financial planning to own multiple property
- how profitable Airbnb actually is

Don't just put your future in your company or govn't pension, have a plan B.
Change your mind set and start investing in your future now.
I hope I can gather at least 10 persons for each discussion/gathering. Please feel free to suggest at this column or start a topic to chat.
I am also happy to meet privately for anyone who is committed to invest and ready to go. I hope everyone take some time to contribute to this group.

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