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How to deal with loneliness living, working and studying away from home
Hi everyone, I hope this finds you all well. In my line of work with many internationals across the world who have come to the UK to improve their career and livelihood prospects, I have come to realise that one of the major areas that often prohibits them to progress is that of feeling lonely. What is loneliness? Loneliness is an emotional state that usually occurs when we have the need to share something important to us with another person, but for various reasons it is not possible. We sometimes experience short term loneliness, despite having good relationships with other people. It is also felt when we lack the sense that we are important to someone, and that we can trust enough to confide in. Situations like this happen everywhere, but emigration is felt in a special way. Personality factors that promote loneliness The causes of the loneliness experienced by each person are very individual. However, there are some psychological factors that increase the risk. Low self-esteem. The feeling that one is worse than the other triggers fear of lack of acceptance and rejection, and this leads to avoiding contact with people. Believing in yourself and trusting in your abilities makes it easier to make contacts and reduce the risk of loneliness. Fear of criticism. It can make it very difficult to build relationships with people who speak a different language and cause withdrawal from contacts even before anyone criticises us. Getting to know new people often requires breaking the shyness and reconciling, among other things, with the fact that our English is not always perfect. Not keeping the word. If we are people who do not keep promises, they do not come and they do not reply, they do not reply to text messages, etc. then other people at some point will stop inviting us anywhere. This can cause us to be left alone because no one will want to meet us. Attitude. The assumption that other people are hostile to us makes us self-destructive and isolate ourselves from others, so others begin to avoid us too. As you can guess a positive attitude brings the opposite effect. No interpersonal skills. Loneliness is better for people who have the ability to establish contacts and maintain lasting relationships with others. Abroad these skills are very valuable. The development of these skills is used to frequent contacts with other people. No openness. If the curiosity of another person and the desire to know it is stronger than fear, then there is a chance that I will establish a closer relationship with another person. Then it turns out that the language in which we communicate is not really important. The intentions are what matters most and what we want to convey to the other person. How can we deal with loneliness in emigration? It turns out that there are many ways to deal with the sense of solitude in a foreign country. Let's start with each other! It will certainly be much easier for us to bear the longing for the country and loved ones if we make contact with other people. So let's take matters into our own hands and do not wait for someone to do something for us. Let us remember that the knowledge - as for everything important - you have to take care. Friendship should be cultivated in a special way - especially in emigration. Let's not isolate ourselves! Be careful not to "cut off" from the environment, with the sense that "people do not understand me," and "no one can help me." From time to time let's go somewhere we know. We look forward to meeting you on 6th of November in our great hub in central London. Nibbles and Soft Drinks will be provided We shall aim to discover the best way to tackle your challenges as an international professional and student so that you can start truly belonging in your new home. With all good wishes, Maria

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