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Realities of Work for Graduates and Career Changers
Greetings to all upcoming & recent graduates and career changers. Welcome to the "Realities of Work for Graduates and Career Changers" meet-up. My name is Dean Latchana. As an experienced organisational transformation coach, and I will be sharing my knowledge and experience to support new graduates in entering the world of work. I will be helping those early in their professional career acquire techniques to help them excel and support their organisations respond to a complex and rapidly changing set of challenges. The £2.50 fee is just to make sure you're serious in attending. You'll get the money back when you arrive. IMPORTANT: Please bring some photo ID so you can enter the venue. Learn more about me: - -

WeWork 131 Finsbury Pavement

131 Finsbury Pavement · London


    What we're about

    - Are you a new or recent graduate? Are you changing or restarting your career?
    - What can you expect when entering the world of work?
    - What mindsets and approaches do you need that will help you excel?
    - What emerging attitudes and ways of working are challenging traditional approaches?
    - What haven’t you been told, and what do you actually need to know?

    Whether you’re soon to be graduating, already graduated or planning a career change, come to this meetup to understand the changing realities of professional work, and how you can excel in your new career.

    The event is facilitated by Dean Latchana (, an experience organisational transformation coach. Dean supports individuals and organisations succeed in a dynamic market by helping them to develop awareness and ways of working that are contextual to their needs.

    For over 20 years, Dean has supported a wide range of household named organisations.

    Expect no lecturing or preaching. This meet-up will be packed with insight and guidance, with plenty of opportunities for discussions. The event will stimulate inquiry, self-realisation and action.

    We’ll cover:
    - Organisations’ traditional expectations of employees and how such mindsets are often a hindrance and frustrating
    - How to become the change-agent that will overcome these challenges and accelerate your career
    - Effective ways you can uncover and deliver value to your customers and clients
    - How you can start, or restart, your career on the right trajectory, with the right awareness, approaches and mindset, enabling you to find success and satisfaction

    There is no fee for this meetup. This event is brought to you by The Agilist (, the non-profit organisation helping individuals and organisations sense and respond to a rapidly changing world.

    So come if you’ll like to learn what you haven’t been told about the world of work and uncover what you actually need to know?

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