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Is there anyone else who believes that the narrative of life, as told by major information outlets, is something of an inversion of reality? Have you "taken the red pill" so to speak? With so much information and misinformation, and disinformation in the world, where can we make sense of it all? I believe, getting together and talking is a good start. I would love this to be an open forum to discuss "conspiracies" as well as, how we are complicit in perpetuating paradigms that are proving unsustainable. What "theories" do you hold to be true or what "truths" have you uncovered that changed your foundation of beliefs? I hold many and can back them up with mountains of evidence. I hold an open mind, and look forward to hearing other perspectives that focus on improving our local and global existence.

I will schedule a gathering soon. Please join to show there is a demand for this forum.

Here are some topic ideas that typify the scope of the group, Geo engineering, JFK, cancer research, big pharma, 911, money, banksters, education, for profit prisons, food supply, news outlets, historical "false flag operations", missing DOD trillions, corporate influence, politics, police state, secret societies, the war complex, global data collection, and so on. I really could go on, but I would like to have input from the community on what you want to talk about.

What do you see, or feel the influence of, that is causing societal harm? Please leave your topic suggestion in the discussion or message board. Have a great day.

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