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Has the possibility of self-mastery, higher consciousness and awakening always been a pull for you even though you may not know why?

Are you interested in more stillness of mind and emotions and a deeper connection to your source?
Have you been trying to find stillness through meditation but your mind just keeps kicking in, or your meditation practice is a bit dry? Maybe you’ve even given up all together...

Have you led a big life striving for so much and accomplishing it all, yet wonder if this is all there is to life, that there might be some deeper meaning and purpose that you've been missing?

Do any of the above questions resonate with you?

If so, you’ll love The Form Reality Practice which is a profound meditative movement that stills the busy mind and brings you into a deep connection to you and your source.

This discussion group is for those who are called to self-mastery, higher consciousness and awakening, for those who want more stillness of mind and emotions and a deeper connection to source even though they may not know why.

We will meet whenever I visit in Auckland. During each Meet Up, you will be introduced to a theme such as the heart, the screen of the mind, self-mastery and more. You will have the opportunity to explore deeper through a couple of short hand movements, through sharing and deeply enquiring about what you are discovering in the Meet Up and in everyday life.

One of the movements you will learn is cosmoFORM, which is a supercharge of what the five-part movement of The Form Reality Practice is.

cosmoFORM: - gives you a taste of the communion with Being - immediately connects you to the stillness within - realigns the nervous system with the higher frequencies of your being - re-patterns your nervous system to bring in more of your real light of Pure Self - points you back to what you are, making it easy to return to what you are

To deepen further, you will have the opportunity to join workshops of The Form Reality Practice. The practice of The Form un-blinds your heart, unfolds your mind and brings your deeper knowing to your self development. Through the Form, you learn self-mastery, self-love and the movement of the radiant heart in how you move, how you meet and how you flow.

A couple of times a year, you will also have the opportunity to come to a talk in Auckland by B Prior, the Originator of The Form Reality Practice. So come and discover how to live from a deeper connection within you so you can show up in the world more authentically.

"The Form invites you to come deeper than whatever is separate." – B Prior

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