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"Reality Show Project" is branching into two separate Meetups for "Houston Comedy Video Short Production" and "Political Reality and Comedy". Madlena and Emily are co-hosting meetings for both groups as posted. Please join the group that best suits the work and collaboration you need to perform, produce and share your ideas and talents!

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Brainstorm! Meet, Share ideas, Write, Film some Fun!

OPEN meeting for writers and comedy meetup members. Please also contact MADLENA[masked] [masked] to add your name to the email list to be invited to the next scheduled meeting with the Comedy and Short producers planning a central website and channel. ============================================================ Meetup member Madlena, who has produced her own short films, offers to meet at her super cool place near Kirby and Westheimer. Sundays for SHARING ideas and "brainstorming" (3 PM). Saturdays for WRITING (TBA - depending on your schedule). Goal is to set up a central website and channel for FILMING Shorts or Reality pieces. Let's have fun! Interested members please reply: go to DISCUSSION and post your project ideas, or send a msg by email to the group on BEST TIMES to meet.

TBA AUDITIONS: Characters wanted!

Kipling Street

*** Meeting times are all changed to TBA. We may have to meet by ZOOM but not all members have reliable access. *** MOVED: Meetups will now be merged with Scriptwriters-Houston.org (which meets once a month as posted). If you would like to contact Madlena or Emily directly about collaborating on a writers coop for health care benefits, and a central website and channel for producing video and shorts, please call us or email us. [masked][masked] or [masked][masked]. (We plan to produce a series on TV or internet around setting up a local Writers Coop so we can access group benefits at cost through a nonprofit system, based on the PPC model developed by Don McCormick whose outreach will be the focus of a documentary Q&A series) Thank you! ==========================================--------- 3 Independent Film artists are forming a team to produce a series in Houston to feature local sites and talent. We are looking for interesting characters, can be comic or crazy, to write scripts and sketches around. Can you carry a series? Please reply if you are an interested and interesting person! Writer-Actors, Improv Comedians, and aspiring reality stars welcome! We can meet Sunday afternoon to plan Auditions. Thanks!


KPFT 90.1 FM

*** All meetings by request Please text Emily at[masked] to set up Zoom meeting or visit the Cooperative Sites under development (Splendora, Heights, and UH/610 SE). Thank you! *** CHANGED LOCATIONS: Meeting at KPFT with Egberto Willies before his show "Politics Done Right". Please wait for Updates TBA. NOTE: Madlena and Emily are planning a series of videos to summarize and pitch a proposal for universalizing health care through nonprofit coops that provides individual choice of better benefits than group plans at half the cost SEE www.ppcwebsite.org ==========================DON MCCORMICK is providing free training for writers, workers, and community members to set up, own and run our own health care coops. Instead of paying for profit insurance companies, we can pay our own doctors and clinics directly by following a nonprofit model that has been developed since 2005, with over 2500 members citywide, and a growing network of service providers including hospitals and clinics. Progressive film producer MADLENA PRESTON plans to videotape a weekly program to educate more people on how to access health care benefits and set up jobs running local coops that serve members at half the cost of other plans. Please join DON at his weekly meetings of the nonprofit PPC held every THURSDAY, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 or 8, at the HEIGHTS HOSPITAL in the basement. MADLENA will host meetings on SUNDAYS to create a weekly TV show for nonprofit public outreach either online or through public access TV. NOTE: If you have a personal story about health care issues, and you want to show how nonprofit coops solve that problem, please contact MADLENA so we can make a TV series. Thank you!

CHANGED to EMAIL: Writers Meet Up!


CHANGED TO EMAIL: Two producers are asking for ideas, stories, or scripts for comedy sketches or short films to post online. If you have ideas or interests in this area, please email [masked] This announcement replaces the Writing meetings proposed for Wednesdays, which we can coordinate better by email instead. [Replaces: Let's get together and Write! Can you meet Downtown at Madlena's place? See DISCUSSION - please reply with times or favorite topics for you!]

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CHANGED to EMAIL: Writers Meet Up!


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