What we're about

This group is currently in incubation. Hatching soon.

Future Meetups will involve the following:

Realizing the True Self

Flowing With the Natural Currents of Aligned Expression in Body and Environment

Exploring Different Dimensions of Truth Love and Freedom

Healing Fragmented Aspects of Selves Back to Wholeness

Resolving Mental Emotional and Energetic Blocks Through Movement and Sound

Surrendering to the Divine Mystery Living Through You

Physical Embodiment Exercises for Integrating Conscious Energy

Lifting the World Through Realized Witnessing

Knowing the Perfect Unfolding of All Experiences

Recognizing and Loving the Play of Polarity in the Cosmic Game

Honoring and Transcending Limiting Structures of Personal Reality

Realizing the Divine in All Matter

Entheogens and How to Engage With Them Effectively

And much more...


This space is created to bring together those who are called to the fulfilling and challenging, sometimes graceful, sometimes messy path of True Self Realization. For those who wish to see and be seen as the truth of who they are may come to know and be known in a coresonate space that supports this realization. As incredible and wild a ride this may be, the purpose of realization expands beyond the benefit and fulfilment of our own individual selves. It also frees our expression to continually discover and align to the natural gifts we are meant to serve in this world, through this lifetime, in this moment, for the good of All. Because there can be no isolated separate parts outside of the infinite wholeness that is Truth, realization must include all. This does not necessarily entail heralding aloud and demanding realization in everyone we meet (though it doesn't necessarily not mean that either), it is simply about knowing the truth of who you are and moving in alignment from that place of being through your unique expression. As you remember the perfect divine expression that is you, that you've always been, that you can only ever be, you are welcomed to inherit the kingdom that has always been yours.

Thank you truly for being here exactly as you are right now, for whether you know it yet or not, the wholeness of the universe cannot exist without you. In Truth, Love, and Freedom you are known, you are here, you are free.

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Ayahuasca Short Movie + Discussion/ Info Panel

Needs a location

Ayahuasca TED Talk + Info Panel

Needs a location

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