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Realms of Living is a community dedicated to studying tools for spiritual growth. These classes and workshops are "hands-on" learning experiences. A variety of metaphysical topics are explored- each session will include some meditation instruction, and a series of exercises aimed at opening to channel. No prior experience is necessary unless specifically stated.

Channeling refers to entering a meditative state and communicating with and receiving information from a consciousness that is in a different realm or frequency of vibration- usually a spirit guide or the channeler's higher self. Through channeling, we can access higher planes of existence and contact master spiritual teachers, angels, people who have passed on, extraterrestrial beings, and All that Is.
Know this- anyone can learn to channel a guide or their higher self, the choice is yours. If you are interested in it and attracted to it, it is probably because you are supposed to learn how to do it.

Come and share your light with a circle of supportive open-hearted friends. A suggested donation is $10

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